Welcome! Although I am relatively new to knife making, I try to create knives using the traditional Finnish puukko style yet add a little individuality and creativity in the hope of creating knives that are unique and beautiful.

All Naali knives utilize Finnish made, carbon steel and stainless steel Lauri blades supplied fromThompson's Scandinavian Knife Supply. All blades are in the traditional Scandinavian grind with one single bevel. Knife handles are created using woods and spacers from around the world.

All our leather sheaths are handmade from by us or made by Fisker Fjord Knives.

Woods come from Rare Earth HardwoodsBell Forest Products and Exotic Woods USA.

Thank you for viewing the website. To view some of our handcrafted knives, click on the Knife Gallery page. For questions on my knife making process, to inquire about buying any knives, or if you are interested in requesting a handmade knife with a specific wood, please click on the Contact Us page.

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